Finding people you can trust
Client Services

1) How much is your fee?
- For direct hire, it’s a contingency fee based on a percentage of the annual base salary.  Fees for temporary placements vary.

2) Do you provide a guarantee?
- Yes, we provide a 100% replacement guarantee.

3) Why should I work with you?
- We are experts in the accounting and finance field, we have a strong network of professionals and we can provide you with a personalized service to fit your needs.

The Placement Process

The first part of the process is to provide us with information such as:
  • job description
  • salary range and benefits package
  • education and/or skill requirements
  • reason that the position is open
  • size of current staff and company
  • culture of the company
  • management expectations
  • leadership style of the management team
After consulting with you, we'll reach out to our professional network and see if anyone is qualified.  If we don't have the right person for you, we will actively recruit and screen additional candidates.  Next, we'd arrange an interview or a series of interviews between you and the candidates that you're interested in.  If everything goes well, we'll discuss the compensation/benefits package.  If not, we'll continue the search until the position is filled.

To make sure your business runs efficiently and effectively, you need people who are skilled and reliable.  Most importantly, you need people you can TRUST to do the job.  Our driving factor at Abacus Pro is to find those people for you.

With the tight job market, it is a challenge finding a qualified and highly-skilled candidate who will be a good personality match for your company.  You can try to find someone on your own, but why not replace or supplement your efforts by utilizing our services?  You will have access to more candidates because we also work with people who are searching for new opportunities on a confidential basis.

We connect with qualified candidates through referrals and established relationships on a daily basis.  To find an employee you can trust, contact us today at 808-353-8427 or